We protect
your media content
in torrents worldwide

Piratepay − is the first technology-based anipiracy solution.
We prevent your content from downloading in torrents directly on the layer of peer’s
connection and block the data transfer between them.

Hi, write us and acquire a free test?
  1. Pirate Pay applies a free protection test for only one Info-hash in swarm for a 48-hours duration. The test start date and time is defined by the Pirate Pay or on sides agreement.
  2. You can select not to protect but to monitor your hash only.
  3. You can define the info-hash to test, or Pirate Pay team can define it also, basing on the interested title on the sides agreement.
  4. All the content rights are supposed to be hold by you.
  5. During the test you can track the data in the personal dashboard.
  6. On the end of test, you can get the raw data report on all events for the info-hash.